Char Kukri Mukri, the island of Bhola, Bangladesh

Char Kukri Mukri

Char Kukri Mukri

Char Kukri Mukri, also called “Dip Konnya” by local people, is an island of the Bay of Bengal at Bhola district in the southern part of Bangladesh. The beautiful island offers tourists a beautiful landscape. The island is located at the side of the Bay of Bengal in southern Charfession Upazila of Bhola District of Bangladesh and about 120 kilometers away from the city of Bhola District. People started living on the island around the year 1930 during the British Raj.

The area of the island is around 40 ha (99 acres). In 1989 the forest department of the Bangladesh Government started to plant Mangrove trees on this island and which was around 400k acres of land. The beautiful trees of Geoya, Pashur, Keora, coconut, bamboo, cane, and others made the place a beautiful forestry area. Near 9000 hectares of forest land of this island are used as a forest area and as a habitat for wild animals. There are different types of Deer and mostly Chitra Deers are available. Besides, Monkey, Octave, Wild Buffalo, Fox, Moorfowl (Wild-Cock), wild-cat, etc. play an important role to attract tourists in “Dip Konnya”. There are many types of birds and reptiles, such as Mathura, Egret, Conglomerate, Wilk Cock, Wild peacock, Koyail, etc. are available in the island. In the Winter Season Char, Kukri Mukri becomes the playground of lots of guest birds and they come from different countries in the world. There is a small sea beach in Char Kukri Mukri and that is very neat & clean.

The main occupation of the local living people in Char Kukri Mukri is Fishing and Farming.

Visit Char Kukri Mukri

The Winter season is the best time to enjoy the real beauty of Char Kukri Mukri. December to March can be the best time to camp on the island.

How to Go to the island

To visit the Char Kukri Mukri at first visitors have to go to Bhola district from Dhaka through the waterway, an enjoyable launch journey. There are two ways, one can go from Dhaka Sadarghat to Bhola Sadar Kheyaghat or to Ghosher Hat Launch Terminal, Charfession by launch journey. Dhaka Sadarghat to Bhola Sadar Kheyaghat route has more luxurious Ships/ Launches rather than the second option. If the visitor chooses the first option, he/she has to go to Charfession from Bhola Sadar Kheyaghat at first. From Charleston or Ghosher Hat Launch Terminal visitors have to go to Char Kochopia Ghat.

From Char Kochopia Ghat visitors can go to Char Kukri Mukri directly by Trawler through the Tetulia River. There are only two trawlers (engine-driven big size boat) available to go to Char Kukri Mukri. The first trawler (engine-driven big-size boat) starts in the morning at 9 AM and another one is at noon at 12 PM. Some trawlers (engine-driven big size boat) are also available to go out of schedule time at a high price.

Accommodation & Food

In Char Kukri Mukri accommodation facilities are not so organized for travelers. There is some rest house available of Forest Department, Coast Trust, and Union Parishad. If anyone wants to stay in rest houses have to take permission from proper authorities. Although quality Hotels or Motels are not available on the island, there is a lot of hotels available in the sub-city Charfession.

However, most of the visitors go to Kukri Mukri for camping. Camping on this island is safe and enjoyable. This is a place of enjoying the beauty of nature and exploring the silence of forests, the sound of the beach with solitude. Camping will give the opportunity to arrange Bar-B-Q or other foods with rice, sea fish, local chickens, ducks, etc. The Forest Department, Coast Trust, and Rest House of Union Parishad also available to help visitors with cooking or arranging the foods.


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