Bhola District, Island of Bangladesh

Bhola Island

Bhola District (ভোলা) is a district (Zila) in the south-part of Bangladesh. Bhola Island, the largest island of Bangladesh is also called (DIP ZILLA). It is located in the Barisal Division and has an area of 3737.21 km2. Bhola is a delta island. There are two rivers in this district which are Meghna and Tetulia. Meghna is on the east and north side of the district and Tetulia is on the west side. The Bay of Bengal is in the south of the Bhola district.

In 1500, Portuguese and Mog pirates established their bases on this island. The Arakan and Mog pirates established their bases in the southern part of Shahbajpur (that was the previous name of Bhola District).

Shahbajpur was a part of the Bakerganj district till 1822. Bhola was included in Noakhali till 1869. In 1869, it was included in Barisal District as a sub-division. In 1876, the administrative headquarter was moved from Daulatkhan (Upazilla) to Bhola. In 1984, it was established as a district.

There are 7 Upazillas, 66 unions and 473 villages in this district.


Name of Sub-district union area (km2) population
Bhola Sadar Upazila 13 413.16 408097
Daulatkhan Upazila 9 316.99 173253
Burhanuddin Upazila 9 284.67 244137
Tazumuddin Upazila 5 512.92 120189
Lalmohan Upazila 9 396.24 276547
Char Fasson Upazila 14 1440.04 413593
Manpura Upazila 3 373.19 67034



The total population of the Bhola district is 2,037,201. Total male population is 1,042,435 and female is 994,766. The density of the population is 500 people per square kilometre.

The overwhelming majority of residents are Muslims and there are 2391 mosques, 130 temples and 1 church in this district. The Hindu population has continuously reduced in number from 1981 onwards, when it hit a high of 91,964 people, and stands at less than 61,162 people as of 2011.

About 400 million cubic feet (11 million cubic metres) of natural gas has been found at Burhanuddin upazilla in Bhola which is being used to run a power station.


80% of the total people living here are fisherman. Main source of income of this district are: Agriculture 63.64%, non-agricultural labourer 4.95%, industry 0.50%, commerce 12.67%, transport and communication 2.47%, service 5.74%, construction 1.55%, religious service 0.35%, rent and remittance 0.44% and others 7.69%. There is no major industry in this district due to its geographical location. In recent times, small factories like shoe, plastics, wax, tar etc. have been established here.

There is one modern government hospital, 6 government health complex, 1 Tuberculosis clinic, 1 mother and child care, 1 diabetic hospital, 276 satellite clinic and 2 government child care in this district.

There is no railways and airport in this district and no direct connection to the capital by road. Waterways are the main medium of transportation. Launch, steamer and sheep are used for transportation. Bhola is 195 km away from Dhaka by waterways and 247 km away by road. The total area of rivers is 1133.46 km2. The total length of the road is 3893.65 km, the concrete road is 3001.8 km and the dirt road is 899.85 km.

Major launch services are M.V Greenline 1&2 M.V Bhola, Tasrif, Shompod, Srinagar, Karnaphuli, Balia and Lali. The condition of internal travels is very good. Road transportation is available between the Upazillas. Sea-truck is used for travelling Monpura sub-district.

  1. Monpura char
  2. Char Kukri Mukri
  3. Deuli
  4. Dhal Char
  5. Manpura landing station
  6. Taruia Seabeach
  7. Sojib wazed Joy Digital Park
  8. Sahabazpur gas Khetro
  9. Jakob Tower
  10. Nizam-Hasina foundation Mosque
  11. Tulatuli
  12. Nijum Dip


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